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Sydney & NSW Trains: EA negotiations, the latest

Feb 12, 2018News

Having put a new offer on the table last week, Sydney and NSW Trains informed the union negotiating team that management would be doing a depot tour and taking the new offer directly to the workforce.

Despite meetings meant to be kicking off this week, the RTBU is still yet to receive confirmation of where and when these meetings are taking place.

In a sign of the shambolic internal workings of Sydney and NSW Trains, the RTBU has been provided with multiple different tour schedules – the meeting schedule that was provided this morning is different to that provided late last week. It also appears that no effort has been made by Sydney and NSW Trains to accommodate shift-workers who can only attend meetings at night, and numerous Sydney Trains depots have not been allocated an EA meeting at their location at all.

The RTBU has also been made aware that no delegates have been released for any of these meetings yet, nor do we know what the structure of the meetings will be. Very concerning is that fact that we don’t yet have confirmation as to including whether the RTBU will be given the opportunity to present to the workforce without management in the room.

We will provide members with an update on the tour schedule as soon as we get it from Sydney and NSW Trains management.  

Union representatives will be in attendance at each meeting being run by the company so that members have an opportunity to ask questions of the RTBU and provide direct feedback.

Members are reminded that the agreement being discussed by management is not agreed to and or endorsed by the RTBU.

These are your wages and conditions, it is important everyone make every attempt to get along to the tour meetings in your area so you can hear for yourself what is on the table.

As always, if you have any queries or concerns at any stage, please contact your local delegate or the RTBU head office.

Together, we will get a fair deal.

In Solidarity,

Your RTBU team

RTBU Bulletin Mon Feb12

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