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Sydney light rail class action gains momentum

Oct 3, 2019News

Over 200 people are seeking compensation for the mishandling of the new light rail since its 2015 beginnings. Members of the public have lodged a nuisance lawsuit for all the commotion, delayed construction and financial loss due to the project.

Residents say that they’ve been suffering in silence for four years now and there’s no end in sight with the project being constantly delayed. Businesses are facing complete shutdown despite government support programs which have now ended despite ongoing light rail work in Kingsford.

“That’s exactly what happens when there’s an utter lack of consultation with the public before embarking on billion dollar projects which affect so many people in their daily lives and livelihoods. We can only hope the government learns from its mistakes and actually takes the public’s view into consideration once in a while,” said RTBU Tram and Bus Secretary, David Babineau.

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