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Sydney Bus Drivers declare ‘Fare Free Day’ in protest against privatisation

Jun 1, 2017Media releases News

3,500 State Transit bus drivers from 12 depots across Sydney have declared Thursday the 1st of June to be a ‘Fare Free Day’ and will wear ‘loud and colourful’ shirts in protest against Minster Constance’s plans to sell off Sydney’s buses.

“This ‘Fare Free Day’ is about telling commuters that Andrew Constance is selling their local buses without their consent or approval” RTBU Bus Division President David Woollams said.

“Private operators will put profits before people. As a result, the community will get higher fares, fewer services and the removal of local bus stops.”

“Instead of listening to the community and public transport workers who oppose bus privatisation, Minister Constance is trying to speed up the ‘bus sell off’ process.”

Bus drivers are furious that, despite the public backlash, Minister Constance was now trying to fast track the privatisation of Sydney buses.

“The ‘expressions of interest’ period for private bus operators has been brought forward and closes today 1 June, after only being open for just one week.”

“This extraordinarily short tender period for such a massive contract which includes over 200 bus routes across one third of Sydney, shows that Minister Constance is panicking and trying to ram through his bus privatisation plans before the community catches onto what he’s doing.”

“It’s an absolutely disgraceful way to conduct yourself in public office. Trying to flog off the public assets before they get the chance to realise what you’re doing and oppose you.”

“The Fare Free Day is an opportunity to educate commuters about what’s happening to their local buses, and to encourage them to join the campaign to stop it.”

Sydney bus drivers will be handing out flyers informing commuters of Minister Constance’s bus privatisation plans and encouraging them to sign the petition at www.dontsellourbuses.org.au

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