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Sydney bus chaos to start in October

The NSW Government has finally released its plans about bus route changes as construction for the George Street light rail ramps up in October – and we’re expecting chaos to ensue for both commuters and bus drivers.Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 3.13.42 pm

For many commuters it will mean longer walks, two or three buses where they once had a direct trip, or even that they have to pay more to take both a bus and a train.

For bus operators, it will undoubtably mean traffic congestion, stressed and frustrated passengers and on top of it all it will also mean runs are cut short, which could lead to fewer hours of work.

Ever since the original plans for the light rail were released we have been repeatedly calling on the NSW government to consult with drivers and to release its plans for public scrutiny. But we heard nothing from the Government until today when the plans were outlined in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Many drivers will remember the absolute mess caused back in January when construction started, and the Government failed to properly brief drivers and come up with adequate plans for the disruption. Passengers were left sitting in traffic for up to two hours in peak hour and many took their frustration out on the driver.

When the new bus routes start in October we will be urging passengers not to blame the drivers – we certainly didn’t have any input into the NSW Government’s transport plans.

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