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Swab testing trial to start in March

Feb 25, 2015RTBU News

The RTBU had a big win last year in the fight to replace urine samples with oral swab testing to detect drugs and alcohol.

As part of the EA negotiations, Sydney Trains and NSW Trains agreed to trial swab testing and to establish an Oral Fluid Testing Working Group with union representatives.

It has now been agreed that the oral swab testing trial will take place from the 2nd of March and the 30th of April and 1500 staff will be tested. Staff will undergo both a swab test and a urine test during the trial period so the two methods of testing can be compared.

After the trial the Working Group will present a report and make recommendations on the results and next steps for Sydney and NSW trains.

The RTBU is confident that swab testing will prove to be just as effective as urine testing and much more comfortable for staff. 

As the trial progresses we will keep members updated.