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Submit a hazard report if you’re having screen issues

Jul 19, 2016Loco Express
Drivers will recently have been increasingly seeing AMS DMI screens (left hand DDU) on OSCAR “H” sets, which are being progressively rolled out. These are giving drivers a different view from the current TOS generated speedo (Left Hand DDU). There is no change to the current consolidated TOS Screen (right hand DDU).

The AMS DMI screen went through RAVV 1 and 2 testing in preceding years with feedback from the testing drivers delivered to the project for consideration and action.

As this machine was an off-the-shelf purchase there was limited scope for changing the software which produces the view.

There was a prototype developed and trialed of an adjustable screen for the AMS DMI but this has become stagnant at this point in time.

If drivers experience viewing or sight problems, which may cause concentration or distraction issues which disturb professional driving, they should submit a hazard report and email head office with the relevant details of run and set number, the time of day and other specific issues.

Head office will continue to pursue a better outcome for members. Please contact head office if further details are required.