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Stop the Secrecy at Sydney & NSW Trains

May 28, 2018Bulletins

Bulletin 34/2018

To: All Sydney and NSW Trains Members

A veil of secrecy is starting to fall over Sydney and NSW Trains, this direction has clearly come at the political request from Transport for NSW. Delegates are now being asked to sign confidentiality documents before they have discussions with management about their working conditions.

As a member/delegate employed by Sydney/NSW Trains you are already covered by the Code of Conduct and there should be no need for you to sign an additional confidentiality form in normal circumstances.

As a union member and an employee you must be consulted when management is considering a major change to your working conditions. So it is outrageous that Sydney and NSW Trains are now telling delegates that they have to sign confidentiality agreements before being consulted on issues – this is not true. They have even told delegates that they cannot participate in discussions about your working conditions if they do not sign these documents.

The documents that management are asking your delegates to sign, limit their ability to represent you by banning them from talking to you about management’s proposed changes. This is unacceptable.

If you or your delegates are asked to sign any type of document that mentions “confidentiality”, DO NOT SIGN it and please call the union office on 9264 2511.

It is time to stop the secrecy. Management must respect your right to union representation.

  Issued and authorised by:
  Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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