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Stop Malcolm’s Cuts

Feb 14, 2017News

From Australian Unions: 

Malcolm Turnbull is telling people with disabilities they cannot have the support they need unless other Australians suffer devastating cuts to the their incomes.

Turnbull is trying to pit Australians against each other; playing off people with disabilities against pensioners, the unemployed, students and new families. He’s threatening these dreadful cuts so he can pay for his corporate tax handout to major corporations.

Australians are better than this. We can’t let Turnbull turn us against each other with threats to pick on one group or another.

Nick Xenophon, Derryn Hinch and One Nation can either let this go on – or stop these callous funding cuts and keep this country fair.

Tell the crossbenchers to Stop Malcolm’s Cuts.

Read more from Australian Unions here.

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