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Station Staff – Protected Industrial Action Update

Jan 22, 2018Bulletins

Bulletin 7/2018

To: All RTBU Station Staff Members

Station Staff – Protected Industrial Action Update

As station staff (CSA, SDM, Turnaround, and Station Cleaners) members of the RTBU, we will be implementing an Indefinite Overtime Ban from Thursday 25th January 2018. All RTBU Station Staff members should participate in this overtime ban, it is protected industrial action.

This Indefinite Overtime ban means we cannot be required to work any rostered overtime from Thursday 25th January 2018 onwards.

If you are rostered for an overtime shift that overlaps onto Thursday 25th January 2018 (e.g. Night/Backshift) and you have already accepted the shift, you need to:

  1. Commence work on your start time.
  2. At midnight advise your direct manger that your protected action has commenced and you are finishing work now.

Other Actions

Union badge day has already commenced on Friday 19th January, where RTBU members can wear an RTBU badge or RTBU branded items like shirts.

Please see your delegate to collect your badge. It is important to note that only RTBU members can take part in this action and all RTBU members can participate.

If you have any questions, please contact the RTBU Office on 9264 2511. 

Issued by: Authorised by:
Trent Hunter


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary


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