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Station Staff at NSWTrains asked AGAIN to Perform Right of Way on the NIF

Jan 14, 2021News

Bulletin No. 3.21

NSW Trains management have again directed Station Staff at NSW Trains on the Newcastle – Central Coast Line to perform flagging duties and assist with the testing of the New InterCity Fleet (NIF) when it stops at stations during a testing run this Friday, 15 January 2021.

The proposed operating model proposed by NSW Trains for the NIF (which includes right of way duties) is still in dispute. Since our last bulletin on this issue, we are yet to see any evidence that the NIF, in its current form, is safe. In fact, an independent safety expert has confirmed that the operating model for the NIF is unsafe.

The current NTOSP 6 – Right of Way procedure still does not reflect giving a right of way to the NIF operating under the proposed operating model. The NIF is designed to operate in a way vastly different to existing rollingstock, which has not been properly explained to Station Staff.

Station Staff providing right of way in these circumstances is unacceptable. By providing a right of way you may be putting yourself, your workmates, and the community at risk. This NSW Trains directive is putting Station Staff in a precarious position where if something goes wrong, they may be held liable.

The RTBU reminds all Station Staff at NSW Trains that if you are issued an unsafe directive, you are within your rights to refuse it on safety grounds. If you feel the situation is unsafe, you should ask management for other available work at the time the NIF arrives at your station. You should not lose any pay for this time.

We also remind Station Staff at Sydney Trains that in the event the NIF arrives at your station and management have given you the same directive, you are also within your rights to refuse it on safety grounds.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact your delegates, sub-divisional representatives, or your organiser.

  Issued by:
Trent Hunter
  Authorised by:
Robert Hayden
Assistant Branch Secretary – Rail

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