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Station Hubs (PODs)

Aug 25, 2014RTBU News

To: All RTBU Station Staff Members

Station staff members are aware of the push to bring in HUBS (formally PODs). However it appears that the decision to implement these HUBs will be done without complying with the Work, Health and Safety legislation (WHS). Under the legislation station staff, impacted by the proposed workplace change, is to be consulted and directly involved in carrying out the mandatory risk assessment(s). This may be done by using the station staffs’ nominated and/or constitutionally elected Health and Safety Representative(s). However, as Sydney Trains Customer Service Directorate does not have properly constituted and elected HSRs, any and all workplace risk assessments can only be done using station staff nominated and elected representatives. Employees should be represented by an employee(s) of the same grade and classification, employees of other grades are not legally able to carry out risk assessments or sign off on your behalf unless YOU agree.

Management continue to use the previous WHS structures and HSRs that do not and have been found by WorkCover not to comply with the new WHS Act and therefore are cannot be used.

The RTBU Delegates are continuing to negotiate with Sydney Trains and are close to completing properly constituted and agreed work groups, HSR structures and a briefing power point presentation that will be rolled out next month. We are also, as part of these negotiations, setting the parametres for WHS compliant elections for HSRs for each workgroup.

Until this process has been completed any trials and/or risk assessments will need to be negotiated with the specific RTBU Sub-Divisions, CSA Subdivision and Salaried Division.

Furthermore, management have been running a “trial” at Circular Quay and the RTBU has been requesting the data from this “trial” but management has not been provided any information on the trial. Therefore any further trials will require a proper WHS compliant risk assessment conducted, ensuring that at least minimum WHS standards are applied and that safety is not downgraded and/or current controls are not removed.

Any attempt to install HUBs or force a dangerous change in your workplace environment should only occur when the new and WHS compliant HSRs and work groups are in place and risk assessments have been carried out and found that it is safe to do so. If members are aware of any change they should contact your RTBU Delegate or the RTBU office.


The Union will keep members advised as to the progress of this issue.

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