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Station Duty Managers’ PDP My Success @ Work Dispute – Survey

Aug 31, 2015Bulletins

Bulletin 47 –

To: RTBU Sydney Trains Station Duty Managers

SDMs should be aware of the current dispute in regards to Sydney Trains implementation of the SDM PDP process as well as the requirement for SDMs to administer the CSA’s “My Success @ Work” program.

Sydney Trains management have responded to the dispute by stating that they have consulted and complied with the 2015 EA requirements. They have also stated that SDMs have not raised any issues and in fact are conducting the administration of the CSAs’ My Success @ Work for their stations and stations within the Station Customer Manager’s Cluster.

For this matter to be addressed there needs to be a clear indication from the RTBU SDMs as to their position on this dispute. Therefore this bulletin also serves as a survey of the SDM members.

Question 1.         Were you consulted about the implementation of your PDP and My Success @ Work?

Yes                      No

Question 2.         If so did you raise concerns and/or issues?

Yes                      No

Question 3.      If you raised concerns and/or issues, what were they?

List them:                                                                                                                                                       


Question 4.      Was this matter presented to you that if you did not comply it would have consequences for your employment?

Yes                     No

Question 5.      Do you support the dispute?

Yes                     No


Name:                                                 Signature:                                           



The survey closes Friday 4th September 2015.

Please return your completed survey to the RTBU Office by either:

Fax: 9261 1342 or e-mail: nswho@rtbu-nsw.asn.au

Issued by: Authorised by:
Graham Fozzard


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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