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Station Cleaning Dispute

Jan 20, 2015Bulletins

Bulletin 3, 2015

To: RTBU Sydney Trains Station Staff

On the 14th December 2014, Sydney Trains General Manager issued a message to CSTL’s CSAQ’s, CSA’s and SDM’s advising that position descriptions make it very clear that key accountability of your role is to ensure station presentation to the Sydney Trains standards; this includes cleaning duties, inspecting and cleaning toilets, replenishing consumables and collecting litter.

SCMs, have also rostered staff to clean toilets, platforms, lifts, stairs and escalators.

This is a clear breach of the 2009 staff review where CSA1 positions were abolished and replaced with Presentations Service Attendants (PSA’S) at 40 stations.

In a station staff circular issued by Mr Andy Byford, Chief Operating Officer on the 26th February 2010 the role of a PSA and CSA was clearly articulated after a number of disputes regarding CSA’s, being directed to perform cleaning at Stations where PSA’s were employed.

The PSA was responsible for major cleans, general cleans, immediate response and other cleans and bulk replenishment of consumables.

Station staff are still responsible for:

Immediate response cleans and replenishment of consumables if required, cleaning their own immediate work area and /or office including removing litter.

This dispute was conciliated on Wednesday, 14th January 2015 at the Fair Work Commission.

The view of the Commission was that station staff were not responsible for heavy cleans nor cleaning toilets, but if a cleaner was not present station staff would pick up litter, mop a toilet or if needed secure a toilet to ensure safety and attend to hazards such as spills, broken glass etc.

If Station Staff continue to be directed to perform major cleans and clean toilets, this dispute will be referred back to the Fair Work Commission for further conciliation or arbitration.

Issued by: Mick Cartwright Branch Organiser

Authorised by:  Robert Hayden Assistant Branch Secretary

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