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Standing Together to Protect our Allowances

Jul 17, 2017Bulletins

Bulletin 34 – 2017

To: All RTBU Signaller Members

RTBU members at Sydney Trains have had an important win. Together we have stood up to management and made them start paying the correct allowance (time and a half) when signallers and area controllers are called in with less than 24 hours’ notice on a book day off. Importantly, Sydney Trains will now back-pay this allowance from May 2016 (which is when they stopped paying).  This will be an ongoing payment.

This win was only possible because of the hard work of members over the past 2 years.

Some members have asked questions about going to the Fair Work Commission to get further back pay. The Fair Work Commission does not have the power to issue an order for back pay. However, if you have evidence that you specifically are owed further back pay, please gather that documentation and then contact your RTBU organiser to get advice about your circumstances.

We know we can protect our rights at work when we are strong, united and union members. Make sure you join up your workmates by calling 9264 2511 today!