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Sneaky “consultation”

Sep 4, 2015Loco Express

The Loco Division has recently heard that NSW Trains management may be attempting to utilise forums and channels other than consultation to discuss potential changes with the union.

This is in direct contradiction to the NSW Trains Enterprise Agreement 2014 which states a clear process for consultation.

It is no secret that NSW Trains, much like their counterparts Sydney Trains, would like to press ahead with the introduction of iPads for train crewing, including purposes such as reporting faults and failures.

The RTBU is also aware that NSW Trains may be approaching representatives through forums such as WHS committees under the guise of consultation as opposed to putting forth any proposals to the RTBU representatives in head office.

If you or anyone else are aware of this occurring, can you please contact either your local Delegate for the RTBU Locomotive Division on 02 9264 3400.

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