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Shift Manager, Operations, NSW Trains

May 27, 2015Loco Express

NSW Trains has recently created and advertised for the position of a Shift Manager – Operations, which has raised serious concerns within the Loco Division. 

A position description has been created that contains a blend of Shift Manager and Standards Officer duties, which is concerning given Sydney Trains recently moved to have shift managers “up-skilled” to detect train faults and failures, but was then forced to confirm that it had no intention of making non-operational staff operational after the Loco Division put the issue into dispute.

As soon as the new NSW Trains position description was discovered, the Loco Division lodged a notice of dispute regarding the lack of consultation.

A follow up meeting was held during which management explained the rationale behind its decision and its intended scope and once this consultation occurred, management advertised the position.

It’s ironic to note that the previous OSM position and its associated duties, which was abolished because it was apparently no longer required, is now being reintroduced with a very subtle manipulation of its title – the abbreviation of the title has gone from OSM to SMO!

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/shift-manager-operations-nsw-trains/#sthash.mG76J5HC.dpuf

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