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Secretary’s wrap

Aug 11, 2016Loco Express
While our employers and the media attempt to take the spotlight off their own failings by demonising RTBU members, here at the Loco Division we’re concentrating on the job at hand – representing members across both the passenger and freight sectors.
We’re currently in the early stages of negotiations with Pacific National to replace four enterprise agreements. Reform discussions with Sydney Trains have finally re-commenced after a five-month delay caused by management. Initial discussions and planning is now underway for the SSR and Manildra enterprise agreements. And to top it all off, we’re now beginning discussions with NSW Trains about their New Interurban Fleet (NIF), for which they want to see Driver Only Operation and a reform of members’ working conditions.  As this all goes on, we’re still operating with business as usual – sorting out the day to day issues as they arise.
In busy times like these we should be thankful for our many great and keen delegates from across passenger and freight who put their hands up to help and look after their fellow members. Without them, the union just couldn’t do everything that needs to be done.
We can’t be distracted or disheartened by the side show in the media driven by employers and government. It only proves how effective the Locomotive Division has and will continue to be in protecting and representing our members.
Stay safe on the tracks,
Bob Hayden
Loco Division Secretary
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