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Secretary’s wrap

Oct 17, 2014Loco Express

New enterprise agreements at Sydney and NSW Trains got the tick by the Fair Work Commission this week, locking in conditions and annual pay increases. After a long negotiation, members will see hit their pay packets in November.

We’re in the thick of negotiations with several employers at the moment – trying to win or hang on to the pay and working conditions that are so important to rail worker and all working people.

There’s always a fight, the only question is how big?

Whether in the private or public sector, employers are always on the look out to cut costs and targeting workers’ pay and conditions is an easy way to do that.

That’s why standing together is so important.

The statistics show us time and again that unionised workers who bargain collectively get better pay outcomes than non-unionised workers. While the economy changes and the scale of pay increases we are able to win varies, union collective agreements deliver consistently higher pay outcomes than those received by non-union workers, who frequently miss out on pay rises altogether.

There are many good reasons to belong to your union, the wage premium is just one of them.

I look forward to continuing to fight the good fight for RTBU Loco members as Divisional Secretary, and extend my congratulations to all the officials elected to representative positions in the NSW Locomotive Division and Branch, and to Keith McMahon in the position of Assistant Secretary National Secretary of the Locomotive Division.

I trust you’ll enjoy this edition of Loco Express. Stay safe on the tracks. Til next time,

Bob Hayden
Secretary, Loco Division

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