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Save our weekend

Sep 4, 2015RTBU News

For many Australians — including RTBU members — working weekends is not a choice. 

But conservative governments and business lobby groups want to take away penalty rates so that workers would no longer have the right to penalty rates when they work on the weekend or after hours. 

Tony Abbott’s inquiry into workplace relations has just called for:

  • cutting penalty rates and the minimum wage
  • making it easier to sack people
  • “take it or leave it” contracts 
  • giving employers even more power over our lives.

Losing penalty rates would mean a pay cut that no one deserves and most of us can’t afford.

 While most RTBU members are protected by an Enterprise Agreement which takes into account the unsociable hours many of us work, if penalty rates are attacked across the board it will make it much harder to negotiate these rates into future agreements.

That’s why it’s so important that we all get behind this campaign by Australian Unions to save our weekend.

You can help by sharing the video and, if you’re free on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of September you can help out at a  door knocking event near you.

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