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RTBU Womens’ Campaign Committee – successful meeting with Sydney Trains for introduction of a ‘Modesty Kit’

Nov 14, 2016RTBU News

On the 20th October 2016 representatives from the RTBU Womens’ Campaign Committee (WCC) met with Sydney Trains. The purpose of the meeting was present the WCC’s proposal for the introduction of a ‘Modesty Kit’.

The ‘Modesty Kit’ was a concept of the WCC which if approved, is for the use of women in the event they are required to give a urine sample for the purpose of a drug test. The kit is made up of a paper bag, sample jar, a devise similar to a “ShePee” and a set of gloves.

The concept of a ‘Modesty Kit’ was initially put to the female members via a survey coordinated by the WCC and subsequently endorsed by the survey results of the survey.

The WCC then approached Sydney Trains as they are responsible for the drug testing unit and policies for a meeting. At the meeting the WCC representatives tabled the proposal for Sydney Trains to approve the use and commence issuing a “Modesty Kit” for females when being drug tested.

Sydney Trains were incredibly receptive to the proposal and have readily agreed in principle. It must be noted that the agreement is subject to regulatory approval. As such, Sydney Trains have agreed to present the WCC’s proposal for a modesty kit to the rail regulatory bodies.

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