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RTBU Win on Red Roads dispute

Jun 5, 2014Bus Express

Veteran Burwood Depot Delegate Mark Delohery led the charge for the RTBU in a Safety Dispute over Buses Skidding in Red Bus Lanes during wet weather.

The Union has had a convincing win in this dispute with Roads & Maritime Services addressing the problem as a priority.

The RTBU has also gained assurances in writing that any skidding incident/accidents which occur in wet conditions before the problem is fixed will not be recorded on the drivers accident card and will not trigger any action under the accident/incident policy.

RTBU official Gary Way has described the unions victory as “a sensible outcome for our members “.

Drivers are reminded to use extreme caution while driving in problem areas until Roads and Maritime have completed the necessary changes to the surface and to report the slightest problem to management and the local union rep in case further disputation is required.

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