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RTBU Update: Metro Trains Sydney (MTS) Operation Agreement and Site Visits

Mar 12, 2019Bulletins

Bulletin 23/19

To: All RTBU Metro Trains Sydney Members.

RTBU Update: Metro Trains Sydney (MTS) Operation Agreement and Site Visits


The RTBU has written to Metro Trains Sydney (MTS) requesting that MTS meet with the RTBU to commence negotiations for an Enterprise Agreement covering Operational, Technical and Civil Infrastructure classifications. This is because the RTBU is of the view that the existing greenfields agreement (the Sydney Metro Automated Passenger Services Agreement 2018) applies only to professional/clerical classifications. What this means if that if you are an administrative or professional worker then you may be represented by the RTBU or Professionals Australia. However, we believe that only those employees who are white-collar workers may be covered by the greenfields agreement and that all other employees (operational) are not covered by the scope of that agreement.


Therefore, we have sought to initiate bargaining with MTS for all other workers. This means that we are going to endeavour to negotiate a separate and superior agreement to that of the greenfields, so that your conditions of employment are generous and meet the standards of the other agreements that the RTBU has negotiated in the rail industry. The RTBU will be back on site this week (starting today at Rouse Hill from 11:30am) to discuss our industrial strategy and answer any questions you may have. It is worth noting that MTS have not responded to our request but we will continue to push the issue regardless!


We have also been made aware of bullying and harassment in the workplace as a result of members’ refusal to sign the revised letters of employment. The RTBU has sent MTS a ‘cease and desist’ letter and we encourage anyone who has been intimated, harassed or told that they should be in a different union to contact the RTBU as a matter of urgency.


Remember: the RTBU is advising members and employees to refrain from signing any documentation from MTS regarding the greenfields agreement. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact the RTBU on (02) 9264 2511 or email metro@rtbu-nsw.asn.au


Issued and Authorised by:

Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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