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RTBU statement regarding enterprise agreement vote

Jan 30, 2023News

Media release, 30 January 2023: Rail workers have overwhelmingly voted in favour of a new enterprise agreement for Sydney and NSW Trains workers.

80 per cent of all eligible voters took part in the vote and 93.6 per cent of those voted in favour of the draft agreement.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union Secretary, Alex Claassens, said the vote is a significant win for workers and commuters.

“All we ever wanted was to secure safe trains for commuters and fair wages and conditions for rail workers. This means we’re another huge step towards achieving that.

“Rail workers have overwhelming voted in favour of the enterprise agreement that they had to fight so long and hard for, it’s a great outcome for everyone,” Mr Claassens said.

The voting participation again clearly demonstrates that rail workers are invested in rail safety and their future.

Mr Claassens said the final pay increase still needs to be decided in the Fair Work Commission, which is being heard next Wednesday and Thursday (8-9 February).

“The NSW Government is continuing to actively argue in the Fair Work Commission against any further pay increase above the government’s wages cap of 2.5 percent, even despite the current high inflation figures. The government’s argument would have rail workers wages going backwards in real terms. It’s an outcome essential workers will not accept, and we think the travelling public would agree with us.

“Unsurprisingly they are still using taxpayer funded lawyers to actively fight against rail workers getting higher wage increases but given the way they have fought us every step of the way, nothing is surprising.

“We’re looking forward to the enterprise agreement finally being completed, and we’re looking forward to seeing the crucial safety changes finally being made to the New Intercity Fleet.

“Today’s vote is a great win for workers and commuters. It was a hard slog to get here, but workers have stood together in solidarity and showed that rail safety is too important to ignore.”