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Right of Way Procedures for Guards – Shortage of Station staff and On Board Repeaters

Feb 2, 2022News

Bulletin No. 22

Currently due to rostering related issues, NSW Trains are struggling to cover a range of shifts for Station Staff and On-Board Repeaters that are utilised for Right of Way assistance to Guards across the network.

In circumstances where there are no Station Staff or Repeaters present, members are reminded to follow the NTOSP 7 – Right of Way Procedure for Guards and Passenger Service Supervisors. This procedure outlines the process that Guards should follow while safely departing platforms.

If there are no Station Staff or On-Board Repeaters present, Guards need to ensure it is safe to close the passenger doors and depart the platform prior to providing the bell signal to the Driver to depart.

Should members not be able to see the entire length of the platform from their Crew Compartment, and there are no staff to assist, members should walk the platform to a position where they are able to view all passenger doors, ensuring there are no passengers caught in the doors or in an unsafe position prior to the departure of the train. After closing the passenger doors, Members should repeat this walk on the platform to ensure it is safe to depart the platform. Should this cause a delay to the train, Guards should submit a delay slip as with any delay.

This is an important safety function for Train Guards and the community that we have been fighting hard to keep for many years.

To help ensure the safety of passengers and help protect all jobs, including the Guard’s role into the future, please make sure you do your job safely and in accordance with necessary procedures, including NTOSP 7.

Issued By:
Craig Turner
Authorised By:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

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