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Request for LICS Operators Regrade

Oct 16, 2020News


To: RTBU LICS Operator Members,

On Sunday, 11 October 2020, the RTBU issued a letter to Sydney Trains requesting that the LICS Operators position undergo a regrade due to the additional duties and infrastructure with taking on the TCDC duties.

We believe that LICS Operators are entitled to a regrade under clause 128.1 of the Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2020 (the Agreement) which states:

Should it be identified that classification increases are warranted as a result of new infrastructure or increased responsibility, the appropriate remuneration and grading will be determined prior to the operation of revenue services.

The additional duties and infrastructure that have been become a part of the role of LICS Operators clearly meet the above requirement to enact this clause and to grant a regrade.

A meeting will now be held between your RTBU representatives and management to establish a timeline to commence the review process.

In addition to the above, a survey will be circulated by SMS which will be used to develop a formal regrade proposal.

In the event members have any questions or comments please contact your local delegate or the RTBU office on (02) 9264 2511 or nswho@rtbu-nsw.asn.au.

Issued by:
Helen Bellette
Authorised by:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

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