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Reports buses skidding up to five metres in wet weather

Apr 1, 2015Bus Express

Earlier this year on Bus Express we asked members to report any first hand experience of buses skidding in wet weather on red bus lanes.

The problem was initially raised by the Burwood depot in 2014 and particularly concerned Parramatta road and Broadway. That dispute was settled with State Transit last year but the issue has opened up again with reports of the same problem coming in from other depots.

More than 30 drivers sent in written reports and 100 others spoke to the union about their concerns, proving that this problem is widespread. It appears that the new surfacing techniques being used are making the lanes smoother, and therefore more slippery. We have had reports that buses have been skidding up to five metres after trying to break while on the bus lanes.

IMG_2583The Roads and Maritime service is responsible for the road surfacing and both STA and the union have raised the issue with them.  The RMS is now responding by carrying out urgent testing on the bus lanes to find out what the problem is and are looking at doing some maintenance and repair work on the lanes over the easter weekend. A great initial result and the union will continue to watch the issue carefully.

You can read more about the issue in the Daily Telegraph.