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RailTrain vote coming up: VOTE NO!

Jun 19, 2017Loco Express

On Tuesday the 20th of June Railtrain will be asking you vote on their new Enterprise Agreement. The RTBU is unreservedly saying VOTE NO.

This Agreement is second-rate and does not come anywhere near what you deserve or have asked for throughout the bargaining process.

Railtrain is deliberately ramming through a sub-standard Enterprise Agreement hoping that employees won’t notice until it’s too late.

Remember – this Enterprise Agreement will be in play for four years. Don’t risk voting in a dodgy deal.

The RTBU wants to go back to the table and keep negotiating a better deal for our members and non-members.

Railtrain have been avoiding working with the RTBU and its members for years and it’s time for them to start realising that the RTBU are NOT going away.

The RTBU are committed to get the best possible deal for its Railtrain members and the only we way we can do that is with a NO VOTE.

So, on Tuesday the 20th June, VOTE NO, so that the RTBU can force Railtrain back to the negotiating table to get an Enterprise Agreement that is fair for everyone.

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