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Railtrain: The results are in!

Jul 9, 2017Loco Express

It only took two whole weeks and an application in the Fair Work Commission filed by the RTBU to get Failtrain management to capitulate and provide a breakdown of the results.


Almost 90% of the entire Railtrain workforce voted. Of that, 60% voted NO to the sub-standard Enterprise Agreement put before them.

Back to the Table?

Despite the RTBU wanting to continue negotiations immediately, Railtrain management have informed us they are in the middle of a feedback exercise with the Members and Employees and will not meet with us until this is complete.


The RTBU will continue to fight for your right for a decent and fair Enterprise Agreement. We will continue to fight to get Railtrain management back to the table and respect the view of RTBU Members and Employees. Which, obviously, due the majority NO vote, has been lacking.


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