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Railtrain Newsflash Issue No.2: Enterprise Agreement Update

Apr 28, 2017Loco Express

On Friday 28 April 2017, the RTBU met with Railtrain for the second time to negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement.

The RTBU presented Railtrain with the changes to the draft EA. Included in the claims that the RTBU put to Railtrain were issues such as payment for training and issues concerning competency and certification.

While there were some concessions (mainly wording) there was no movement on:

i. Pay rises above the CPI;

ii. Pay equity; and

iii. Certificate IV competency to AQF.

Railtrain refused to negotiate on any of the above issues as the issues were deemed to be ‘philosophical’ differences between Railtrain and their employees, which Railtrain claimed would be understood and accepted by the employees.

At the end of the meeting Railtrain advised that it no longer wished to continue negotiating, and that it would put the draft EA (which the RTBU has not agreed to) out to a vote of employees.

The RTBU made it clear that the Infrastructure Division had not been part of today’s meeting and its views had to be considered.

Railtrain has clearly paid lip service to the RTBU in order to maintain the argument that it has abided by the good faith bargaining requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009. However, its tactics and strategy in today’s meeting were incredibly obvious to all involved.

The RTBU will continue to communicate with the members and are still open for negotiations with Railtrain – even if Railtrain is not.

A further Newsflash will be circulated Monday 01 May 2017.

If Railtrain puts the Enterprise Agreement out to a vote, the RTBU is encouraging all members to VOTE NO. If the majority of Railtrain employees vote no, then Railtrain will be forced back to the negotiating table. When this occurs, the RTBU will be able to continue to push for better terms and conditions for Railtrain members. This is incredibly important given that Railtrain employees’ conditions and pay rates are substantially inferior to the rest of the industry. Railtrain makes a large profit margin by simply undercutting your terms and a condition of employment and it is time that all Railtrain employees share in those profits.

Authorised by Allan Barden, Assistant National Secretary – Rail, Tram and Bus Union.

Download a PDF of this update here.

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