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QUBE EA hits some management roadblocks

Feb 4, 2015Loco Express

Negotiations with QUBE management for a new enterprise agreement are continuing, albeit with a new management team.

New management has taken over the negotiations on behalf of the company, and the new team announced that they want to renegotiate a number of clauses that have been previously agreed.

At the end of two days of meetings (29th and 30th of January), the following clauses remain outstanding:

– Blank days / available days

– Cancelled shifts

– Minimum shift payments

– Shift changes

– Shunting shift limits

– Home depots in regards to Sydney, Minto, Yennora and Botany as one sign on/off location

The new management team also stated that they don’t intend to put remuneration figures including a common starting rate for all train crew, percentage increases throughout the life of the agreement, and overtime rates on the table until the document has been finalised.

The Loco Division is yet to receive confirmation from QUBE of a meeting to discussion the Part A (common provisions) of the NSW and Victorian Enterprise Agreements, which will cover matters such as:

– Leave entitlements (sick leave, annual leave, etc)

– Superannuation

– Redundancy

– Discipline

– Health Assessments

– Consultation, and

– Dispute clauses

Members will be kept updated on the state of all the negotiations. This will be particularly important given the significant delays in the progress of the negotiations, as it may be necessary for members to consider all their options available in order to bring the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/qube-ea-hots-some-management-roadblocks/#sthash.N1zetJ0f.dpuf