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Punishment urged for people who incite violence against workers

Mar 18, 2016News

Screenshot 2016-03-18 13.02.38A poster that urges violence against Transport Officers and police has gone viral following community outrage at its vicious messaging.

The notice, found at Newtown Station, was made to resemble a Transport for NSW information flyer, but instead tells passengers to “throw bricks” at transport workers and “destroy all ticket machines.”

People who post offensive and dangerous posters like that are absolute grubs.

Most passengers will see this for the pathetic and juvenile stunt that it is and ignore it, but there is a group who will see it as their opportunity to injure workers or not pay their fares.

Assaults are already a problem for passengers and public transport workers with three assaults on passengers and staff each day, and this poster will only enflame the situation further.

Whoever made this poster is putting peoples lives at risk.

Transport Officers and all public transport workers are just trying to do their jobs, but face people intimidating them, spitting on them, and assaults.

These dropkicks need to be dealt with quickly and severely. They are inciting violence and that needs to stop.