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Protecting the right to silence – A win for Australian workers!

Sep 5, 2017News

A message from ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus.

The Turnbull Government’s attempt to take away the right to silence for 11 million workers, like they have already done for construction & maritime workers, HAS BEEN STOPPED. I explain what happened here.

These laws would have meant anyone who protested against unfair behavior of their employer, like the journalists at Fairfax, could be forced to give evidence against their mates. If not, they could be fined $126,000.

Together we stopped it as thousands of people contacted cross-bench Senators. The ALP, the Greens, Jacqui Lambie, the Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch combined to block it. Let’s remember Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, David Leyonhjelm and Lucy Gichuhi all voted with the Turnbull Government.

Now we need to stop the Liberals’ next shocking attempt at union bashing, the so-called ‘ensuring integrity’ bill.

This Bill is a major attack on our democracy. It allows anyone including employers, business lobbyists or even the Minister to act to have union leaders sacked, unions shut down or mergers blocked. Only union members should be able to decide who runs their union, not politicians and their big business mates.

It’s outrageous.

You know the Liberals are in trouble by the sushi train of bills attacking workers coming down the conveyor. They want one set of laws for themselves and their friends in big business and another for the rest of us.

When unions are attacked, all working people suffer. What the Turnbull government wants is to make the job of unions to protect workers much harder.

We’re building a powerful movement, and we’ve got them worried.

But please stand-by, as I am going to need your help to stop this bill in its tracks.

In unity, 

Sally McManus
ACTU Secretary

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