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Protected Action Ballot

Apr 19, 2018Bulletins

Bulletin 26/18

To all: ARTC NSW Infrastructure Members

It was clear during the depot tour in February 2018 that RTBU members around the state are ready to ramp up our fight for a fair and reasonable enterprise agreement.

As a sign of good faith to ARTC management, members around the state ceased participating in bans on On-Call and Overtime in the hope that a new offer could be achieved at the negotiating table due to the changes in the workplace bargaining policy.

It has been approximately six (6) weeks since the RTBU completed the depot tour. During this time, management has not even agreed to meet, let alone provide a new offer.

We have tried to be reasonable, but enough is enough. Members are fed up with the constant stalling tactics by management.

Following motions from member meetings around the state, our RTBU team has today filed for a protection action ballot (PABO). We will need to hold a ballot because more than 60 days have passed since our last ballot and in meetings, RTBU members have said that we want to have the option to go on strike if any potential offer is unacceptable or management continues to not meet your bargaining team.

This ballot will be conducted similar to the ballot that was done in 2017. All RTBU members will be supplied with the opportunity to vote on whether or not they want the option to go on strike for a fair deal.

It is imperative that we confirm our address details with ARTC are the same details the RTBU has on file. If the addresses do not match, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will not send you a ballot paper for you to vote in this PABO.

To confirm that your address is correct in the RTBU membership database, please call (02) 9264 2511 and speak to the membership team. To confirm your address details are correct with ARTC, contact your ARTC People (Human Resources) representative or payroll officer.

More information will follow as it becomes available.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Luke Hayden


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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