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Probation extension dispute

May 14, 2015Loco Express

A class of trainee drivers got a rude shock recently when they were handed letters saying that their six month probation period had been extended to 12 months, with no justification. 

The class received a letter saying as much just two days before their six month probation period was due to finish and were reportedly told to sign it or “their position within the traineeship would be reviewed.”

The members immediately contacted the union, and a dispute was lodged.

All trainees sign a letter of offer when commencing employment that clearly states that their probation period is for six months only; however, if any employment issues arise this may be extended.

Incredibly, at the same time as receiving the letter of extension they were provided with their probation reports which clearly indicated that they were meeting all expectations of their employment and there were no performance or conduct related issues, therefore no justification whatsoever to extend their probation period existed.

The end result is that all the trainees will now revert to their originally agreed six month probation period (as per the EA 2014) and will receive letters of confirmation stating the same.

The Loco Division wishes to thank these class members for their prompt action in informing this office in order to protect their member rights.

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