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PN’s Sneaky Move to avoid EA Coverage for IPS Employees

Jun 22, 2020Bulletins

Bulletin No: 29.20

To: RTBU Members – All IPS Employees, North Sydney

As members are aware, the RTBU has been progressing a dispute regarding enterprise agreement coverage for IPS employees. We believed the current EA’s covered the IPS employees.

At a recent meeting between the RTBU and the senior executive of PN, the company advised the RTBU that the dispute was invalid as IPS employees were not employed by the same entity as employees covered by current agreements. When pushed by the RTBU, management advised that all IPS employees had been transferred to another company called “Pacific National Executive Services Pty Ltd”. Since that time, members have confirmed that this is the case.

The transfer of employees was no doubt a deliberate and sneaky move to further complicate the argument for EA coverage. The RTBU again asked Pacific National management if they would negotiate an enterprise agreement for IPS employees. The answer is unfortunately still no.

While the RTBU will consider legal advice around pursuing the current dispute, the only clear path to getting the company to come to the bargaining table is for a majority of employees to petition the company for a Majority Support Determination through the Fair Work Commission.

To do this the RTBU will shortly circulate a petition for all IPS employees to sign to confirm they wish to bargain for an agreement.

When you receive the petition, we urge you to sign by return email ASAP. Please also talk to your fellow workers about signing the petition and joining the union.

Our concerns remain that PN is treating IPS employees as second class employees, being paid at the lowest amount possible and well below other PN enterprise agreement employees. The only way to make PN do the right thing is by forcing their hand through the Fair Work Commission process.

This can only be done through strength in numbers, so sign the petition and join the union!

If you do not receive the voting email, please fill out the below and email it back to

Majority Support Determination Petition

Name:     ____________________________

Position: ____________________________

I currently work for Pacific National Executive Services Pty Ltd (“Pacific National”), a subsidiary company of Australian Logistics Acquisition Investments Pty Ltd, ABN 85 611 628 712.

I work in Pacific Nationals Service Delivery and Planning Section (“IPS”) and I hereby petition Pacific National to negotiate an enterprise agreement to cover my employment.

Signature: _____________________________

Date: __________________________________

Issued by:
Greg Cameron
Projects Officer
Authorised By:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

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