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PN wants to check your lower limbs

Jul 14, 2016Loco Express

Pacific National recently announced it is bringing in an external company to advise workers on their ‘lower limb stability’.

The company claims that it is bringing in BodyCare to provide advice on fitness for work because it wants its ageing workforce to be educated on ways of managing physical fitness. However there are concerns that it is merely being seen as a cheap alternative to fixing the uneven surfaces at some PN depots which have resulted in a number of workers falling victim to lower limb injuries recently.

Both Train Crew and TOs will be asked/are being told to undertake the complimentary training.

The RTBU has issued a dispute over the assessments due to the fact that there has been no consultation with the union about the move, because fitness testing should be conducted under the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers, and because such appointments have always been voluntary in the past.

If you have any concerns about the issue, please speak to your local delegate.

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