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PN Update: Strike to proceed

Oct 20, 2017Loco Express



This weekend’s Stoppage will proceed as planned! What Pacific National attempted yesterday is deceitful and purely aimed at splitting the workforce and putting doubt in member’s minds about the endorsed industrial action.

We are fighting for;

RDO’s – Why shouldn’t you have a decent amount of time with your family!

Protections for all workers RDOs! – These are your days not theirs!

Protections around Labor Hire – Why should you sit at home and be accused of creating “undertime” and have labor hire used at your expense!

A fair and independent umpire – What are they trying to hide!

A standard for Barracks accommodation – Why should you sleep in unsafe accommodation when Management get the five star treatment!

On a number of occasions the RTBU has put to Pacific National that we are prepared to look at ways to address both Coal and Bulk issues while keeping common Part A conditions if consensus could not be met. Pacific National has never responded to this and have refused our ongoing requests to continue negotiations.

This latest scheme by Pacific National is purely about stopping the industrial action and delaying any settlement as long as possible to deny you a pay rise.

Senior managers are at Port Waratah handing out snacks – how out of touch! It will take more than a free soft drink and chocolate bar to fix things.

Don’t be fooled by this distraction, members need to stay strong and united to improve your working conditions. This fight is about your future and the future of your family. Pacific National needs to stop playing games and get back to the negotiation table!

Members will be kept updated as matters progress by Newsletter, SMS and the Loco Express website.

More information on your rights and responsibilities during the stoppage will follow tomorrow.

Download a copy of this Newsflash here.

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