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PN propaganda boring, predictable and needs to stop!

Oct 4, 2017Loco Express

Over the past week, Pacific National management have been emailing and posting propaganda trying to discourage you from taking protected industrial action. In their letters they try every tired trick in the book from threatening your pay to making you feel unreasonable. It is stated that members may not get paid for the entire shifts – if at all – on the days that protected industrial is taken. Members have also been advised to consider the position of the company and assist Pacific National by reconsidering the option of protected industrial action.

This correspondence is boring, predictable and needs to stop. You can ignore their silly propaganda. It’s a standard tactic used by management across industries to try to stop you from acting collectively to enforce your rights.

Pacific National management has asked you not to take protected action because they want to ‘maintain and grow’ the business, without ‘restrictive conditions within our EA’. Don’t be fooled: Pacific National want to slash members’ working conditions to line the pockets of their investors, and not because they have your best interests at heart.

Your RTBU team is meeting with Pacific National on Friday to attempt to resolve any outstanding issues regarding the Enterprise Agreement. Your team hope that Pacific National management intend on coming to the table, in good faith, so that the parties may continue to bargain. Once we hear from management, your RTBU team will work with you to decide our next steps.

Their desperate and predictable propaganda is a sign your campaign is working – keep it up! Ignore the typical and desperate last-ditch attempts by Pacific National to prevent protected industrial action. Managers are more focussed on cutting conditions to make a quick buck for investors than running a good rail business, they may not value your rights and conditions but we know you do. Very few, if any, of the managers at Pacific National work to, or fought for, the conditions that members currently enjoy. As a result, there is no respect for the hard-fought for conditions that were attained many years ago by those who put everything on the line to keep what current members continue to enjoy.

We must fight to keep and improve what we currently have, so that future generations of RTBU members may benefit from that which our forbearers achieved.

Together we will secure the rights and conditions of RTBU members now and for the future.

Not a member? Don’t delay – join your union and get involved now! locoexpress.com.au

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