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PN NSW: Bulk & Coal Update

Oct 18, 2017News

Pacific National Pull a Stunt!

After months of negotiation and hard work by your delegates and Union, and after you collectively showed your thoughts on what the company is trying to force upon you, the company today has pulled a stunt to once again screw you over!

At the beginning of negotiations the RTBU made application to the Fair Work Commission to have one EA for all Pacific National at the request of members. Pacific National fought the application and as a compromise the RTBU agreed with Pacific National to pursue one agreement for both Bulk and Coal. Today after the heat of Protected Action is starting to show the management team up, the company reneged on what was agreed and reverted back to saying it wants two separate agreements.

Members should not forget that this is Pacific National throwing their toys out of the cot, so to speak, and that Pacific National’s inability to properly negotiate with the RTBU is indicative of the strength of the membership.

The RTBU does not take lightly to the utter contempt that Pacific National clearly has for their employees and will continue to fight for the best EA that is deliverable for Bulk and Coal employees. However we also do not want to expose members to potential penalties if the current protected action is deemed as unprotected now that Pacific National has pulled this stunt.

Members are advised to stop the overtime ban immediately.

We will be seeking legal advice and working with your delegates tomorrow to decide on next steps. Members have decided on every action we have taken in fighting for this Agreement and members will continue to make these decisions together.

This whole sad and sorry saga demonstrates what lengths the company is prepared to go to in order to reduce your conditions and pay.

Members will be kept updated by newsletter, SMS and the LocoExpress website.

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