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PN Intermodal EA: RTBU team frustrated by backflips

May 3, 2017Loco Express

On Wednesday, the 26th and Thursday the 27th April your RTBU Negotiating Team met with PN Intermodal to continue the EA talks.

The RTBU Team is continually frustrated by the backflips being made around wording in the draft Clauses, eg the use of the word “predominant” in the Permanent Part-Time Clause.

While it was back on the table this meeting, it was off the week before!

We are still finding the DOO Clause problematic with PN Intermodal refusing to commit to having 100% Communications as part of the Clause, while at the same time seeking to remove the long-standing test and trialling provisions. As far as the RTBU is concerned, it must be included for the protection of the drivers doing DOO work.

When quizzed on the Domestic Violence Clause, PN Intermodal said they would prefer to use their policy instead … but there is no policy!


PN Intermodal is still pursuing the idea to not fatigue the time it takes from the sign-off at the Depot and the travel to Barracks. Our argument is that you are still on duty until you get to Barracks, and therefore it should be fatigued and included in your rostered shift limit.

Relay work is on hold until a Delegate returns from holidays. The RTBU refuses to discuss this without someone who does it at the table, and we are opposed to any extension outside the current geographic boundaries.

Thanks to everyone who completed the petition, it was an excellent show of solidarity!!

Your RTBU Team will be back at the table next week and will keep you informed of our progress.


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