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PN Coal employee monitoring shock

Nov 8, 2013Loco Express

Pacific National NSW Coal recently announced that it intends to progress a range of matters in relation to employee monitoring including:

  • Forward facing cameras on all locos
  • GPS in all road vehicles / call cars, this to include a range of monitoring measures Electronic Swipe card technology to start all road vehicles / call cars, and
  • Rapid eye movement detection technology in all road vehicles / call cars.  They call it, DDD (Drowsy Driver Detection)

The announcement came during the company’s monthly representative committee meeting, which RTBU Representatives attended.

This announcement came as a shock to RTBU Representatives, as it is contrary to recent comments by PN Coal that “they do not intend to progress any further monitoring”.

The RTBU Representatives reminded PN Coal of their obligations to consult under the Enterprise Agreement and as such consultation will now take place.

Members will be kept informed of these consultations as they progress.

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