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Parliament debate: Constance shows his true colours

Nov 19, 2017News

On Thursday the 16th of November, we packed out Parliament once again for the second debate on the privatisation of our public buses. Thank you to all the members who joined us in their free time.

With over 30,000 community members signing the petition – Constance has now been forced to justify his greedy plans twice in Parliament. The first debate he simply rambled rubbish, and the second – he walked out. Constance has proven that when push comes to shove, he walks away.

We all know Constance doesn’t care about public transport and he certainly doesn’t care about commuters. So it was no surprise to us that rather than facing the truth, Constance ran as far as he could, away from the concerns of 30,000+ commuters and tax payers.

The Minister for Transport has one job and that is to listen to NSW commuters and shape our public transport network for the better. Constance has clearly demonstrated he is incapable of acting in the public interest, and is only concerned about privatisation.

We had Labor, the Greens and the Shooters and Fishers party all speak up in Parliament to protect transport workers. But Constance couldn’t face the truth and walked away instead.

We were not surprised.

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