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Pacific National EA Bulletin No.4

Jul 26, 2016News

Further to our last newsletter, we have been corresponding with PN in an attempt to start negotiations on your next Enterprise Agreement.

Pacific National and the RTBU both applied for scope orders last month and have since been in correspondence with each other on the matter.

In an offer of good faith and from member feedback, the RTBU has written to PN last week and proposed the following:

  • The Intermodal train Crew EA scope stay as is.
  • The Victorian Agreement only cover employees who are based and predominantly work in Victoria.
  • The Company is pushing heavily for removal of NSW based employees from the Victorian Agreement. If this occurs we want to make sure that these employees are not worse off. Therefore we are seeking that if these employees are transferred to the new NSW Agreement then they are salary maintained.
  • The NSW Coal and Bulk Agreement to be merged into one new agreement and cover Train Crew, Terminal Operators and Administrative Supervisory Technical and Professional Employees.
  • The current Coal Maintainers – talks will continue to establish an outcome, acknowledging it is the current employees preference to remain in the coal agreement.

We will continue to negotiate with Pacific National – however if we fail to reach an agreement the matter is listed before the Fair Work Commission on 19th August 2016 in order to set a Hearing date.

Members will continue to be kept informed via National and State-based Newsflashes as developments occur.

Read the bulletin here.

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