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Our industry around the world: latest news

Dec 16, 2016Loco Express

It’s always good to know what’s happening in our industry around the world – here are four recent news stories from Canada, the United States and Russia.


CP wants to cut maximum work hours for engineers, conductors

Canadian Pacific wants to see the maximum number of work hours for locomotive engineers and conductors reduced from 18 hours to no more than 12 hours. The railroad says the current outdated rule applies to Canada-based train service employees. The new rules would allow unassigned train and engine employees to operate for a maximum of 12 hours before taking rest. Read more.


FRA proposes new safety standards for high speed passenger trains

The Federal Railroad Administration today proposed updates for the passenger train safety standards used in the United States as the country looks to add high-speed trains that can travel up to 220 miles per hour and replace its aging passenger fleet. The proposed updates represent nearly a decade of work by FRA’s passenger rail division. Read more.

FRA will continue to push two-person crew rule, top safety official says

The Federal Railroad Administration will continue to move forward with its proposed rule requiring two-person locomotive crews despite the changing political climate in Washington and mounting criticism from the rail industry. Read more.


Russia to deploy new missile trains by 2020

Russian state media reported in late November that the Russian military has successfully test-fired missiles that will be transported by train, the new Barguzin RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missile. The new missile is designed to carry multiple nuclear warheads. Read more.