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OSCAR Fast Stable

Feb 5, 2015Loco Express

Sydney Trains is installing a Fast Stable system on OSCAR trains in order to prolong the battery life.

The new system works when stabling this train type. The procedure will be that drivers are to push and hold the stable button for 7 seconds which will stable the train in 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

Additionally, when the park brake is applied, reverser is in off and pantograph down button is pushed with all keys removed within 5 minutes of pressing panto button the train will stable immediately.

The Loco Division will review the proposal on set H6 in February prior to implementation in March and both Sydney and NSW Trains will advise crew of its operation via information bulletin and crew briefings.

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/oscar-fast-stable/#sthash.3eVz1Swr.dpuf

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