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Opal Top-Up Members

Jul 6, 2016Bulletins

Bulletin No: 20/2016 5th July 2016

To: RTBU Station Staff Members,

Opal Top-Up Machines

As members may be aware, the current Liberal State Government have announced from the 1st August 2016 paper tickets will no longer be sold or accepted within the Opal network.

The RTBU believes this will disadvantage many customers for a number of reasons which include:

  • Tourists from rural NSW, other states and countries who would not be aware that there is a requirement to order the Opal card on line with at least 6 days’ notice.
  • Elderly and disadvantaged customers that do not use or have access to computers.

In addition, the RTBU is concerned that there will be a number of locations where passengers will not be able to purchase an Opal Card.

The advice given by Sydney Trains is that customers will need to “plan ahead” prior to travelling. This does not help a customer who needs to travel by train in an emergency or for an unplanned reason and disadvantages customers in NSW wishing to travel by train.

The RTBU is also concerned with the safety of our members working on stations when customers become abusive and aggressive when they have an issue with their Opal Card. These can range from the Opal Card machine not providing the correct change, the Opal Card account has not been credited when the customer has put money into it and a myriad of other reasons.

Station Staff are put in the difficult position of only being able to offer advice to the customer that they should contact Opal or attend some other external location for assistance.

The RTBU is aware that Sydney and NSW Trains are directing members to assist with the Opal machines to perform servicing functions to the various Opal machines.

The RTBU advises members to perform a risk assessment prior to performing any function with the Opal machines. If members feels it is unsafe to open the machine the RTBU recommends the following:

  1. members contact their manager immediately
  2. note the safety concern, time and date in the station diary

The RTBU is seeking meetings with Sydney and NSW Trains for further discussions about member’s safety when interacting with the Opal machines. Members with any concerns please contact your Delegate or the RTBU Office.

Read the full bulletin here.

Issued by:                                                                            Authorised by:

Helen Bellette                                                                  Alex Claassens
Organiser                                                                     Branch Secretary

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