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Opal safety must be improved: bus drivers

Apr 20, 2015News

Malfunctioning Opal card scanners are putting the safety of passengers at risk, bus drivers have warned.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) Bus Division President Gary Way has called for warning systems to be installed at the rear door of buses to protect passengers from the hazards of re-entering to try to tap off their Opal cards.

“This is a serious safety concern,” Mr Way said.

“When passengers are trying to exit out of the back doors, often they step out first and then realise that they haven’t tapped off properly. They then try and re-enter the bus from the rear doors to try again which is a huge safety hazard because it is very difficult for the driver to see them.

“There’s a serious risk they can get trapped in the doors.

“With Opal card readers malfunctioning daily, the problem is becoming an increasing issue.

“People are risking life and limb to jump back on the rear entry of our buses in order to tap off. We’re bound to see a very serious issue shortly unless something is done to rectify the situation.

“The NSW Government needs better systems in place to ensure passenger safety isn’t being put at risk as a result of the Opal card scanners.”

Read the article in the Sunday Telegraph here.

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