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NSW Trains Management Issuing PCIP’s for following General Orders

Jun 5, 2014RTBU News

The RTBU lodged a Step 3 Dispute Notification with NSW Trains on the 2nd June 2014. The grounds of the dispute are below:

NSW Trains management are intent on issuing a (PCIP) Performance & Conduct Improvement Plan to a Train Guard for simply doing his normal job.

Management believes that he has breached TWP 114 – Train Crew members leaving or returning to the crew compartment because he did not exchange bell signals with the driver before he stepped out of his cab to perform platform duties such as the Right of Way and confirming the status of the signals.

We all know that it is ridiculous to assume that we would have to do that at every platform. A fact that is backed up by previous management when they issued a General Order 17 – 2012; 03 February 2012 which states:

“NOTE: The bell signal would not be expected to be given when stepping onto the platform to perform platform duties as per OSP 7 – Right of Way Procedures for Guards and Passenger Service Supervisors.”

This matter was initially in Step 2 of the Disputes Settlement Process. However, NSW Trains did not respond to the notification within the set timeframes. As such, this matter has been escalated to Step 3 of the Disputes Settlement Process.

Members will be updated as to the progress of this dispute. If members have any questions or comments please contact your local delegate or Helen Bellette at the RTBU Office.

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