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NSW Rail Entities 2017: Enterprise Bargaining

Jun 30, 2017Loco Express

Sydney Trains and NSW Trains may soon send out Representation Notices to employees of the two Rail Entities. These Notices may be posted on Notice Boards and may be forwarded to people’s home addresses.

The issuing of the Notices is a requirement of the Fair Work Act 2009, and the Notices signify that the employers are seeking to commence negotiating Enterprise Agreements to replace our existing 2014 Agreements.

The Combined Rail Unions have requested a meeting with the employers on Monday July 3rd, for the sole purpose of reaching agreement on a timetable of meetings for the forthcoming negotiations.

The meeting will be attended by all the union representatives and representatives of Unions NSW.

Actual negotiations will not commence until all the members’ meetings are complete, and the Unions’ Log of Claims endorsed.

Members’ will be circulated with advice concerning the EA meeting timetable once agreement has been reached with the Rail entities on that issue.

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