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NSW Government to freeze public sector wages

May 27, 2020COVID19 News

In another attack on the workers who are helping our communities through this pandemic, the NSW Government has announced its intention to freeze public sector wages, in a move that Labor leader Jodi McKay labelled “a kick in the guts and a slap in the face” for frontline workers.

Over 400,000 public sector employees, including some RTBU members, would be forced to forego a 2.5% pay rise for 12 months, at a time when spending in sorely needed to help our shattered economy recover.

NSW Labor, the Greens, the Animal Justice Party, and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers have all committed to opposing the pay freeze in the Legislative Council, where the bloc holds a majority of seats.

Unions NSW threatened an “intense lobbying campaign” should the government pursue the policy, while several public sector unions have flagged the possibility of industrial action.

Click here to read more in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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